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Like APIFRAME, is a powerful, unofficial API designed to provide seamless integration with MidJourney for generating high-quality images. Tailored for developers and businesses, this API enables automated image generation, leveraging MidJourney's capabilities. Key features include an easy-to-use admin panel, instant upscaling, support for multiple MidJourney accounts, and a robust load balancer for efficient image processing. Additionally, ImagineAPI offers no-code integrations through platforms like and Zapier, ensuring accessibility for users without programming skills. The pricing starts at $30 per month, with a generous affiliate program offering a 50% commission on referrals.

Key Features:

  1. Admin Panel: A graphic user interface for generating images, monitoring progress, and importing prompts.

  2. Instant Upscale: Automatic image enhancement without extra MidJourney credits.

  3. Unlimited Image Generations: No limits on the number of images per MidJourney account.

  4. Multiple MidJourney Accounts: Accelerate image generation with support for multiple accounts.

  5. No-Code Integrations: Easily integrate with and Zapier for automated workflows.

  6. Fast CDN and Storage: Free cloud storage and fast CDN for serving generated images.


  • MidJourney Account: Starting at $10/month for the Basic plan.

  • ImagineAPI Account: $30/month, including features like parallel job running, text-to-image, image-to-image, admin panel access, and more.

Customer Testimonials:

Customers praise ImagineAPI for its excellent quality, reliability, and support. Users have integrated it into various workflows, enhancing efficiency and scalability. The API's ease of use and robust features make it a preferred choice for businesses and developers.

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In terms of features, is very limited, you only have access to /imagine and 1x upscaling. You also have to bring your own account and deals with bans yourself. With APIFRAME you have access to all Midjourney features and even more, and you don't need to bring your own account; APIFRAME takes care of all that.